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Michigan residents to lobby representatives on issues affecting their families

‘The People’s Lobby Day’ Michigan United’s 7th annual Capitol Day gathering

The People’s Lobby Day is a day of direct action and participatory democracy. Residents with shared concerns form into teams to confront lawmakers with issues of Criminal Justice Reform, The Long Term Care Study Bill (HB4674), Universal Family Care, Medicare for All, Water for Flint, and Immigration.

A  rally will be held in the city hall plaza at 12:30 PM when participants in The People’s Lobby Day will welcome pilgrimages for immigrant families that walked from Detroit and Kalamazoo to the capitol.

A 90-mile “Pilgrimage to Keep Families Together” kicked of in Detroit on Monday, May 14th, from the church where Ded Rranxburgaj (RAHNS-bur-guy) has sought sanctuary from deportation.He is the sole caretaker for his wife Flora, who has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair for mobility. The First Congregational church in Kalamazoo has been walking for Saheeda Perveen Nadeem who has been taking sanctuary in their church. If deported, Saheeda would return to a country where she would face the threat of violence with no family support.

The Rally will conclude with the announcement of a planned direct action to address the Flint Water Crisis. In years past, members have occupied the Governor’s building, the office of the speaker of the house and formed a bucket brigade carrying water out of the Capitol building. This year’s action will address the shutdown of bottled water distribution pods.


Immigrant Rights Leaders to Demand Michigan Senators Include DREAM Act in Budget

Telephone press conference sites moral imperative to save immigrant families

MICHIGAN – Thursday afternoon, leaders from the immigrant rights community will hold a telephone press conference to demand that the Senate, including Democrats, include the DREAM Act.

The lives of younger immigrants in particular have been thrown into chaos with the Trump Administration’s revocation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). That Obama-era action protected younger immigrants from deportation and allowed them to work, own businesses, pursue their education and serve in the military. 

The votes of Michigan Senators are being needed to pass the budget. Our Senators should demand the inclusion of the DREAM Act  as a condition of their votes.


Telephone Press Conference: Democrats Stand up for Immigrant Families with DREAM Act


Rev. Paul Perez, Director, Office of Mission and Justice, Detroit Conference of the United Methodist Church

State Representative Stephanie Chang

Freddy Polanco, Director, SEIU Health Care Michigan

Richard Kessler, President, West Michigan Coalition for Immigration Reform

Oscar Castaneda, organizer, ACTION of Greater Lansing

Farah, Erzouki, Public Health Coordinator, ACCESS


Thursday, December 21, 12:15 p.m.


Contact Erik Shelley, 248-982-6326 for dial in number.

Arrest for parking raises questions of racial profiling in St. Clair Shores

Group to file formal FOIA request, health department complaint

Rai Lanier didn’t notice she was in a handicapped parking space as she waited in her car for a carry-out order. But rather than asking her to move, St. Clair Shores police not only gave her a ticket but ran a background check, finding an old ticket on a car she no longer owned. She was subsequently arrested and things just got worse from there.

Lanier will describe her experience in greater detail Thursday at a press conference held outside the St. Clair Shore police department. The organization she works for, Michigan United will deliver a formal Freedom of Information Act request asking for statistics regarding the racial makeup of police interaction and actions taken. They will also file a complaint with the Macomb County Health Department due to the deplorable conditions Lanier was subjected to during her unnecessary stay.

Press conference: Racial profiling, unnecessary escalation by SCSPD

Rai Lanier, Ticketed, arrested, frisked and detained for parking violation
Elder Leslie Mathews, Criminal Justice Reform organizer, Michigan United

3 PM, Thursday, June 29, 2017

St. Clair Shores Police department
27665 Jefferson Ave, St Clair Shores, MI 48081

Labor and community groups to march along Jefferson demanding hiring reform

Action will kick off ‘Fair Chances for All’ campaign in Detroit

Members of the Communication Workers of America (CWA) will take a break from their national convention to march in solidarity with Michigan United to begin their ‘Fair Chances for All’ (FC4A) campaign aimed at helping people with criminal records find gainful employment. Detroit passed a ‘Ban the Box’ ordinance in 2010. FC4A would extend that rule to include private employers who receive tax breaks from the city.

The statewide community organization recently won a similar effort in Kalamazoo earlier this year and just this week, President Obama announced an executive order doing the same thing at the federal level. The momentum is growing and pressure is building on city council to prevent gentrification in Detroit amid rapid growth and investment.

March and rally supporting ‘Fair Chances for All’ campaign

Rashida Tlaib, Sugar Law Center
Rev. Louis Forsythe, Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Kelli Williams, Communication Workers of America – Next Gen
Ronald Simpson- Bey, Just Leadership USA/Leading with Conviction
Deacon Charles Thomps on, President of Belmont Community Council
Nicholas Buckingham, Nation Outside
Kim Buddin-Crawford, Michigan ACLU

11:30AM Wednesday July 20th, 2016

March begins in front of the Renaissance Centre
March ends at rally in front of Spirit of Detroit statue

If we stand together, they cannot divide us.

An evening of prayer and reconciliation with Michigan United’s Detroit Pastoral Alliance for Change

A religious event hosted by the Michigan United group Detroit Pastoral Alliance for Change (DPAC) took on added significance with the shooting of two black men by police and the shooting of five police officers by a black man last week. DPAC had hoped to confront the rising racial tensions brought on by divisive political rhetoric when unresolved issues of systemic racism reared their ugly head yet again.

“If we stand together, they cannot divide us” will feature a performance by the predominantly white Refuge Youth Choir of the First Baptist Church of Jefferson City, MO at the Triumphant Life Christian Church in the predominantly black community of Highland Park, MI. Pastors of both races will directly confront how racism affects us all.

“If we stand together, they cannot divide us” racial reconciliation service

Deacon Charles Thomas,Evangel Ministries
Pastor Harvey Presberry,Canfield Church of God
Rev. Sharon Buttry,Associate Dir., Training and Education International Hope Center
Pastor Kevin Johnson, Calvary Presbyterian Church
Apostle Velma Clopton,Victory In The Truth, Mesa, AZ
Apostle Joseph Hobbs, Triumphant Life Christian Church
Bishop Herman Starks,Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit
Refuge Youth Choir of the First Baptist Church of Jefferson City, MO

7PM July 11th, 2016

Triumphant Life Christian Church
13254 Thompson, Highland Park, MI 48203

Pastors, Payday loan victims to react to release of long-awaited lending rules

Community Leaders and Advocates to Demand Strong Protections against the Debt Trap

GRAPHICMichigan United will host a telephone press conference today to respond to long-awaited proposed payday lending rules expected to be released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The rules will be the first-ever federal regulations on the predatory small-dollar loan industry.

Michigan United is calling on the CFPB to rein in an industry that traps 12 million Americans in a devastating cycle of debt each year. This predatory industry has stripped communities of more than $10 billion since March 2015, when the bureau started the process to write rules for the industry.

During the phone conference, you will hear from the victims of the payday lending and some of Detroit’s leaders of faith as they offer their initial analysis of whether the rules are strong enough to rein in an industry known for their deceptive and abusive practices –and whether they need to be improved to truly shut down the predatory debt trap. Michigan United will continue to fight for the strong rules families deserve.

Community members will have 90 days to make sure their voices are heard.


Press Conference via telephone to discuss CFPB’s new payday lending rules.


  • Perry Green, Payday loan borrower
  • Bishop Herman Starks, Christ T.R.U.T.H. International Ministries of Deliverance
  • Rev. Maurice Rudds, Greater Mt. Tabor Baptist Church
  • Debbi Adams, Michigan United Economic Justice Leader


3PM, June 2, 2016


Dial (712) 775-7035 and enter code 788747

Flint residents to demand federal intervention before President’s speech


“Flint Rising” coalition seeks disaster declaration

On the lawn outside Northwestern High School where President Obama is scheduled to speak Wednesday afternoon, representatives from Flint Rising will hold a press conference to appeal for federal assistance in the recovery from the Flint Water Crisis. They will be joined by Flint City Councilman, Eric Mays who will ask the President to pressure Governor Snyder to end his use of emergency management.

The Flint RIsing coalition is made up of local, state and international groups, organizations, unions that have banded together to keep pressure on government to solve the problems caused by the contamination of the Flint water supply.

Press Conference before President Obama’s speech in Flint


  • Desiree Duell, Flint Rising
  • Gina Luster, Flint resident and parent
  • Eric Mays, Flint City Councilman
  • Flint Rising members and supporters

12:30PM, May 4, 2016

South lawn of Northwestern High School in front of school sign
2138 West Carpenter Road, Flint, MI 48505


“Fair Chances for All’ to reveal details of pending Kalamazoo City Attorney report

City commission running out of excuses to delay action on anti-discrimination plan

The Kalamazoo city commission has put off discussion of a ‘Fair Chances’ hiring ordinance until they’ve received a report from the city attorney, Clyde J. Robinson. Earlier this week, Robinson met with ‘Fair Chances for All’ (FC4A), the Michigan United group that is pushing the commission to take up the rules preventing employees from inquiring about criminal records before hiring.

Before the next commission meeting Monday, FC4A will hold a press conference to detail what they discovered in their meeting with Robinson.  FC4A members will also have another tailgate party leading up to the press conference that will include roasted meats and sidewalk art expressing their hope for their loved ones.

Once inside, FC4A members will keep up the pressure on the commission with a speakout and creative direct action during the public comment period.

Press Conference detailing FC4A’s meeting  with the Kalamazoo City Attorney and what this will mean for proposed ‘Fair Chances’ hiring ordinance.


  • Jerrin Yarbrough, Kalamazoo area student
  • Kendall Campbell, co-founder of Humans Beyond Boxes
  • Lisa Bloomberg, Kalamazoo resident
  • Amy Vliek, Director of Admissions WMU School of Social Work

Monday May 2, 2016
6:00pm Tailgate & Chalk Up
6:30pm Press Conference
7:00pm City Commission Meeting with Speak Out & ACTION

Kalamazoo City Hall,
241 W South St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007


Fight for $15 to call for urgent fix to child care crisis, citing new report on widespread economic benefits to national investment in quality care and workforce

A new report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) released today found that a national investment that caps families’ child care expenditures at 10 percent of their income could help more women join and stay in the workforce, boosting national GDP by about $210 billion and putting $5.7 (B) billion into Michigan’s economy. Making child care affordable would also save the average Michigan family $3,888 a year.

Thursday afternoon, a telephone press conference will feature a Detroit parent and child care advocate reacting to the report and call on their elected leaders to invest in affordable, quality child care and strong workforce.

Fixing our broken child care system and paying child care providers at least $15/hr would directly raise wages for 60% of the workforce. Child care providers are currently among the lowest paid workers in the country, with a median hourly wage 39.3% lower than the median hourly wage of workers in other occupations. .

WHAT: Telephone press conference on EPI Child care report

WHO:  Tina Patterson, Detroit parent

 Meredith Loomis-Quinlan, Michigan United Child Care Advocacy Coordinator

WHEN: 1:00 P.M. Thursday April 7th, 2016

WHERE: Dial (712)775-7035, enter code 788747#

‘Tailgate & Takeover’ party Monday night at Kalamazoo City Commission

Local families to tell stories of incarceration, seek vote on non-discriminatory hiring policy.

Residents will come together Monday to push for better employment for family members in Kalamazoo who have already repaid their debts to society. Several candidates for City Commission ran with the intention of putting “Fair Chance” legislation on the agenda. The issue has yet to come up since their election.

Those Commissioners and the people they represent will grill and chill before the city’s next meeting. Participants will then go inside to speak during the public comment period and encourage the Commission to take up legislation prohibiting employers who receive city tax benefits from requiring criminal background checks in order to work in most occupations.

Kalamazoo Commission Meeting tailgate party

Kalamazoo residents with local economic concerns.
City Commissioners
Shannon Sykes,
Erin Knott,
Don Cooney,
Jack Urban
Matt Milcarek

Party at 5:30PM, Public Comment at 7PM

Kalamazoo City Hall,
241 W South St
Kalamazoo, MI 49007