Ded Rranxburgaj Gets His Day in Court

After nearly a year in sanctuary, immigrant family gets hearing on case in federal court

Friends and supporters followed Flora, Eric and Lorenc Rranxburgaj as they walked with community leaders and government advocates from the church where the family has taken sanctuary to the federal courthouse that could free them. Father and husband,  Ded Rranxburgaj moved with them into Central United Methodist church (CUMC) in January to avoid deportation so he could continue to care for Flora who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. On Tuesday, he had a hearing in district court before Judge Denise Page Hood.

His attorney, George Mann argued that ICE hasn’t done it’s job adjudicating Ded’s petition to stop his deportation so he can continue to take care of his wife. Instead of judging the petition, they waited until he took sanctuary a week before his deportation, called him a fugitive, and denied the petition based on that label and never really judged the case based on its merits.

“Ded is a man who wants nothing more than to take care of his wife. He has taken care of her and their two sons day in and day out for the 11 years since she has been ill,” said former Michigan gubernatorial candidate, Abdul El Sayed. “He is the sort of husband and father that I try to be and that I would hope to be if ever my wife were to get sick. That commitment to our families and our values is as American as it gets. And yet ICE wants to deport him.”

The procession moved solemnly through the streets of downtown Detroit until it reached the Theodore Levin Federal courthouse. As participants gathered outside, the pastor of CUMC, Rev. Jill Hardt Zundel gave an invocation: “God of justice and mercy, We come before you begging you to send your Holy Spirit into the courtroom. Break the judge’s heart with the things that break your heart.  Ded needs your justice. Flora needs your mercy. Eric and Lorenc need their father. We have done all we can do. We have written letters, we have walked from Detroit to Lansing. And now we have come to court. Bless our efforts.“

Michigan State Representative  Stephanie Chang, who was among those gathered in support said, ” Our neighbors and friends, the Rranxburgaj Family and Central United Methodist Church, are going up against two powerful federal institutions in court (ICE and DHS),” she said. “I am glad Judge Denise Page Hood agreed to take up this case since we need to keep ICE in check when they are tearing families apart across our nation. I hope we see ICE make the right decision for this family soon.”