Detroit City Council to officially endorse Michigan United Campaign

Resolution calling for the restoration of Board of Police Commissioners expected to pass unanimously

Detroit City council is expected to vote on a resolution Tuesday morning recommending they restore the powers of the Detroit Board of Police commissioners as originally described in the city charter. The authority of the board was reduced from oversight to an advisory role as part of the city’s bankruptcy agreement which can’t be amended for one year. If the resolution passes, the changes would be made in December.

City council member, Mary Sheffield offered to draft the resolution in a meeting with the Detroit Pastoral Alliance for Change (DPAC).  The coalition of Detroit area churches is concerned with social justice and police accountability. They were brought together by Michigan United in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown. DPAC has gotten verbal and written commitments from all the members of the city council and expects the resolution to pass unanimously.

Last week, State Representative, Wendell Byrd announced a resolution by the Detroit delegation that also supported the move at the “We Are One” prayer rally organized by DPAC. His comments and those of other participants can be heard and downloaded for broadcast and transcription here:

Sheffield and DPAC will hold a brief press conference in front of the Spirit of Detroit statue at 9AM before going into the city council meeting. Once inside, DPAC members and other community leaders will speak in support of the resolution and thank city council for taking this important step.

Press Conference to celebrate resolution on board of police commissioners

Mary Sheffield, Detroit City Council Member
Willie Bell, Detroit Police Commissioner
Deacon Charles Thomas, Michigan United’s Detroit Pastoral Alliance for Change

Tuesday, September 29th at 9AM

Spirit of Hope statue, Coleman A. Young Municipal building
2 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226