Detroit Pastoral Alliance for Change (DPAC)

Detroit Pastoral Alliance for change (DPAC) is an Interfaith coalition of Detroit area spiritual leaders that seeks to be a prophetic voice and presence in a broken world.  To give a moral foundation to our work, we enhance enrich and empower households of faith, family and community from a spiritual perspective. We seek to be God’s hand in the world, balancing the scales of justice in economic and social issues .

Restore Our Commissioners (ROC)

In 2014, we saw the city’s Board of Police Commissioners role inexplicably reduced from one of oversight to a merely advisory capacity as part of the bankruptcy settlement. At a time when people across the city and around the country are calling out for more accountability of law enforcement, we saw the exact opposite in Detroit. The arc of history is long and bends towards justice, but it will not budge without the involvement of the people.

Because the mechanisms that hold police officers accountable to the people they were meant to serve are being chipped away before our eyes, the Michigan United DPAC began a campaign to restore the authority of the Board of Police Commissioners and we succeeded.

On September 29th, Detroit City Council took up a resolution authored by Councilwoman Mary Sheffield and voted unanimously to restore the board of commissioners to their intended status.

But DPAC isn’t done yet.  Next, we’re going to turn our attention to issues such as mass incarceration and facilitating conversations so we can have open and frank discussions about white privilege and exceptionalism.  It won’t be easy, but as we know, through Christ Jesus, all things are possible.