Fair Chances 4 All

Our Fair Chance 4 All fights for access to quality employment opportunities for our loved ones with criminal backgrounds. Since 2011, our Fair Chance team has generated momentum to get the City of Kalamazoo & the County of Kalamazoo to Ban the Box (eliminate the request for criminal history on initial job applications). Now this City of Kalamazoo has become a Fair Chance employer (banned the box & does not check backgrounds until final round of interviews/candidates are considered for position).

Nonetheless, the City of Kalamazoo still gives millions of dollars of tax breaks to major businesses despite the fact that these businesses actively discriminate against job seekers with criminal; history. Our Fair Chance 4 All campaign wants City of Kalamazoo to pass an ordinance that will prevent discrimination of people with criminal backgrounds in the private sector’s hiring processes. Our team has gained support from a network of local businesses, organizations and institutions, as well as Kalamazoo residents who believe in fighting for a fair chance for our loved ones with criminal backgrounds.