JOB POSTING: Statewide Training & Political Leadership Director

(Detroit office preferred, but some flexibility possible)

Building the capacity of our staff and members is core to the work of Michigan United. We invest heavily in leadership development throughout the organization, and need someone to coordinate all of these programs. The Training & Political Leadership Director will be responsible for leading three major aspects of our leadership development work.

-Training future candidates & campaign managers. We’re providing a new generation of leaders from diverse backgrounds with the tools to run for office. Too often, the people who run for office or manage campaigns come from backgrounds of privilege, and don’t understand the experiences of all the people they represent. Our Movement Politics Academy focuses on ensuring that women, people of color, and working-class people are equipped to step forward and run successful campaigns. Already, dozens of graduates of the academy have run for office, and three now sit in the Michigan House of Representatives.

The Training & Political Leadership Director will be responsible for working with organizing team to recruit potential candidates and campaign managers into the program, and then overseeing the training academy sessions. We will have a major focus on preparing candidates to run in the 2019 municipal elections across the state.

-Training our staff. Organizing is a craft that requires constant learning and innovation. The Training & Leadership Development Director will be responsible for overseeing a schedule of in-house trainings for our staff team with a special emphasis on first-year organizers.

-Training our members. Our organization is only as strong as our members, so we host regular trainings for our volunteers and member organizations. These cover the basics of organizing, leadership, strategy, tactics, direct action, and research. The Training & Leadership Development Director will be responsible for coordinating a calendar of membership training events, overseeing the overall implementation of the trainings, and working with organizers to ensure that trainers are prepared for each session.

Pay starts at $40,000 per year, plus benefits.

  • Applications are due March 15th, 2018.
  • Submit resume, statement of interest, and name & contact information of three references (at least two references must be work related, one may be personal)
  • Please submit all application materials to:
  • Please put the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line

What it takes to be successful at Michigan United

Michigan United is a highly dynamic workplace. The following qualities are important for success:

-Being able to balance multiple projects. Staff are typically working on their own campaigns, as well as shared projects amongst the team. You need to be able to manage your time and priorities.

-Taking initiative and asking for help. Your supervisor will not be looking over your shoulder every day. You will need to take initiative on moving projects forward and getting work done. You should also be proactive about asking for help or resources when you’re not sure how to make progress.

-Working on a diverse team. Michigan United is an incredibly diverse workplace with staff members and volunteers from all walks of life. To be successful, you will have to be comfortable working across difference and be open to learning from others.

-Being creative & opportunistic. We’re always looking for new, innovative ways to change the world, as well as opportunities to be seized. You will need to be fast, flexible, and able to recognize when opportune moments appear.

-Being clear about your values and your theory of change. We are working toward a world shaped by economic and racial justice. We believe that we can achieve that through building a strong organization and leaders, winning campaigns, and changing laws and policies. Civic engagement, voter work, and developing governing power are critical to this formula. It’s a long road with both set-backs and victories. There are other theories of change and important priorities, but these are ours. You’ll have a hard time here if you fundamentally believe in a different way of going about social change or if your passion is for other sorts of issues.

-A team attitude. We’re always working together on teams– program teams, project teams, event teams, and campaign teams. Success here is both individual and collective.

-Curiosity and relationality. Fundamentally, organizing is about building relationships based on shared values. Success here requires building authentic relationships with other staff, our members, allies, and the public. You should be truly interested in other people’s lives and experiences, and gain energy from building new relationships.

-Follow through and accountability. If we’re going to win the justice our communities deserve, we have to deliver. That means keeping our commitments, getting our work done well, and being accountable to our team. We owe it to the people we serve.

Organization Background:

Founded in 2009, Michigan United (501c3) is a statewide organization of community members and institutions a fair economy and a just society. We represent 100 faith, labor, social service and community organizations. We use the tools of community organizing to fight for economic and racial justice. We believe in a society and government that put people and the public good over private profit. We have won major victories to improve the lives of those who have been marginalized by poverty, racism, and inequality.

We organize campaigns to address the following issue areas: immigrants’ rights, criminal justice reform, environmental justice, universal family care (including health, child care, elder care and paid sick time), and civic engagement. Our main office is in Southwest Detroit, with additional offices in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Flint. As a racial and economic justice organization, we actively encourage individuals who are underrepresented on the basis of racial, ethnic, economic, and sexual orientation(s), as well as those who share the life experiences of the members we serve, to apply. Come and be a part of our team!