Language Access In Healthcare

Without a healthy, functioning body, it is extremely difficult to work, care for our loved ones, provide for ourselves, and walk into our full potential as people. That’s why the right to health has been written into humans rights agreements and treaties across the world, and why Michigan United is dedicated to helping build access to good healthcare for all.

Our current focus is on ensuring that language is not a barrier in access to healthcare, especially for the immigrant community. In the 2015 “Breaking Barriers” report by the Alliance for a Just Society, authors noted that the biggest enrollment challenges in new Affordable Care Act programs have been in the Latino community in Michigan. Language and cultural differences, as well as fears or confusion related to the immigration system, were cited as key challenges.

We’re excited to be working on ensuring access to enrollment information online in Spanish and Arabic at the state level, as well as beginning to assist with enrollment into programs for those who qualify in the Detroit area. We’re also pursuing stronger policies and compliance at the local level regarding translation and interpretation in West Michigan.