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Michigan United organizes to build the power our communities need to win the justice they deserve. We're working for an equitable and sustainable world that reflects our values of economic and racial justice.

We believe each individual has the right to achieve their full human potential and to live in dignity.


We believe our government and economy should provide for the common good and be accountable to all our communities, not just the powerful.


We believe in our compassionate obligation toward our neighbors, and to support their struggles toward fulfillment and liberation.


We believe people of conscience and people of faith have an obligation to step forward in leadership to ensure that our government and economy reflect our values of dignity, fairness, equity, and opportunity.


We believe in the power of democracy and non-violence.


We believe it is our mission to work together to build the power we need to win the justice our communities deserve.

Justice and  Dignity 

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Michigan United

We are a coalition of labor, business, social service and civil rights members all across Michigan, fighting for the rights of homeowners, renters, immigrant families and students.

Michigan United
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