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Criminal Justice Reform


Criminal Justice Reform

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Too many Michiganders go to prison for too long. Our state has one of the highest incarceration rates in the Midwest, and that needs to change. For years, our state and country pursued “tough on crime” policies that have systematically over-policed and criminalized communities of color. Once someone has a criminal record, it's extremely difficult to find a good job, get housing, or access public benefits. Returning citizens (ex-offenders) can get trapped in a cycle of re-incarceration.

We believe that we can keep our communities safe from crime and reduce the number of people in prison. Using the principles of restorative justice, we're working to reform the policies of the police, schools, prosecutors, as well as reform sentencing guidelines and improve release services. We're advocating for alternatives to prison, and for greater opportunities for returning citizens when they get out. Most importantly, we believe in investing in jobs and education in the communities that have been hardest hit by our misguided criminal justice policies.

Justice and  Dignity 

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