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March 25

Zoom video conference

The Day of Empathy has taken on added meaning in a time of social isolation. Our concern for ourselves and our families is not diminished by care for someone else's.

Join us on line as we take part in for the National #DayOfEmpathy. We want to see action on criminal justice reform. Join us in elevating the names and faces of those who’ve been impacted by mass incarceration.

Make sure your computer has a working webcam, good speakers and ZOOM video conferencing software to fully participate. You can download it here:

Co-hosts include:
Ebony Foundation
Church of the Messiah Detroit
Hope United Methodist
Moorish Science Temple of America #25
National Action Network of Michigan
Out 4 Life
Ebony Foundation
Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity
Progressive Baptist Convention

 Click HERE to join the teleconference NOW!

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