Death and Dying without Closure

How can we let go if we can't say goodbye?

About the Event

Date And Time

Wed, May 13, 2020

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EDT 















Black folk are taught that death is to be celebrated as a part of life. It is often considered as important as one's birth.


Home-goings had an historical significance for Africans brought to America before its revolution. It became a place of liberation for their enslaved descendants because the ceremony was the only place the white overseer would allow them to gather without his presence Today, it's often an unplanned family reunion, a gathering to let bygones be bygones. When our families are in mourning, we create a community that protects, comforts and loves the bereaved through the process.


With Covid 19 those physical spaces have totally been eliminated.


Covid 19 has taken all of this from our community: the need to comfort our loved ones and give the deceased the dignity they may not have received in life. Today, we find ourselves waiting weeks to prepare for our final goodbyes. Our religious leaders can't pray for a safe journey as the departed crossover, causing intense trauma for those they leave behind.


Be part of the conversation as we explore what happens next in this strange new world. We'll hear from funeral directors who are struggling for ways to let people pay their respects while still keeping them safe. Faith leaders will describe the challenge of comforting families without the rituals they have long relied on. Together, we will seek a way to hold each other close even though we can't be near one another.

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