Mondays at 4pm

COVID-19 Organizing & Advocacy Call

On-line or by telephone

Each Monday at 4PM, we'll strategize how to change laws and win new policies to protect our communities and the most vulnerable people in them.
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Thursdays at 12:30pm

MI Hometown Voices Listening Campaign

On-line or by telephone

MI Hometown Voices is a listening campaign of working people and families who are tired of seeing our family members and communities struggle to have a good quality of life. We do not accept politics as usual where the wealthy few hoard our resources and control our democracy. (Register now!)

Wednesday August 19th at 3:00pm

COVID-19 Detroit: Racism is a Public Health Crisis. Is Lansing Listening?

On-line or by telephone

Over 6,500 Michiganders unnecessarily lost their lives to COVID-19. While Black Michiganders are only 14% of the population, Black people are 40% of the COVID-19 deaths.

Michigan United is a membership organization based on the work of volunteers in our organizing committees. Get involved by providing your information, what issues you care about and what you're interested in doing.

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We are a coalition of labor, business, social service and civil rights members all across Michigan, fighting for the rights of homeowners, renters, immigrant families and students.

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