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The Michigan United Healthcare team was formed mid-pandemic in a response to the Covid-19 crisis. So far, the healthcare team has signed up nearly a hundred people to the nonpartisan Protect Michigan Commission Workgroup to enact equitable vaccine rollout across diverse communities throughout the state. 

The healthcare team lobbied for the Federal Covid-19 Package that was passed in early March and is next focusing on securing funds for the healthcare navigator program. 


The healthcare team will work towards:

  • Health care policy wins that prioritize people over profits. 

  • Build solidarity between rural & urban people, between white people and people of color from different backgrounds (anti-racism organizing), and provide adequate training to get people to these places. 

  • Host healthcare-related organizing events that provide wellness-related care to anyone in the organizing field.


Michigan United Healthcare Team believes: 

  • That access to affordable reliable healthcare is a human right.

  • In intersectionality of healthcare organizing by improving social and economic conditions to prioritize health. 

  • In engaging in practices that build trust with the community, because we recognize that the field of healthcare has perpetuated oppression and harm, both currently and historically.

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