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Legislative Action


Michigan United has organized to pursue progressive legislation and block regressive measures throughout its history.  Since the Covid crisis began, Michigan United moved to advocate for the immediate needs of Michiganders that arose due to the emergency.  We continue to build on that work and respond to the rapidly changing legal and political landscape as needed to defend political and economic fairness, justice and dignity.  Issues addressed below do not cover immigration, environmental, criminal justice and other issues primarily handled by other campaigns, though the legislative team provides support to all teams across the organization.




Housing work commenced with the Covid crisis.  It was crucial to ensure that Michigan residents were able to stay in their homes during the pandemic.  Michigan United fought to extend the eviction moratorium(s), brought together landlords and tenants to lobby legislators for rental assistance, and met with implementers to discuss procedural issues in rental assistance disbursement.  We continue to work to ensure that the ongoing housing insecurity that was caused and exacerbated by Covid is acknowledged and understood by policy makers.  As we proceed in 2021, Michigan United is expanding the housing work to bring together housing advocates and stakeholders to build on the work done to approach housing security more comprehensively, through studying and implementing best practices, for more long-term housing stability in Michigan.


Support to Workers Rights Campaign


The Workers Rights campaign became almost synonymous with support to those unemployed by the Covid crisis.  One outgrowth of that work has been a detailed plan and sustained campaign to modernize the Unemployment Insurance system in Michigan.  In addition, Michigan United has fought for legislation to ensure that insurance companies and workers’ compensation adequately cover Covid-related illness.


Federal advocacy in the first 100 days of the Biden Administration


Michigan United has engaged in advocacy at the Federal level from the beginning.  In late 2020 and 2021, we seized the opportunity to work with progressive groups across the country to advocate collectively for progressive issues in the early days of the new Administration.  We were successful in petitioning for progressive nominees to some Cabinet posts and defeating candidates who were objectionable.  We continue to meet with leaders and represent our members’ interests in advocating for assistance and structural reform.


Policy support to other campaigns


The legislative reform team works across teams to provide technical support as needed to campaigns, as well as to ensure that synergies among campaigns, such as common champions, or causes, are leveraged.

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