Movement Politics

Movement Politics

Michigan United takes elections seriously. We're working to ensure that our communities' voices are heard at the ballot box and our members are prepared to run for office.

We believe in bottom-up politics, where people, not money, have the most say.

We advance this work through:

Civic Engagement and Get-Out-The-Vote

Every year, our volunteers and fellows canvass tens of thousands of residents who are the least likely to vote. We educate and organize community members about the important issues in play in the election, encourage citizens to vote and register new voters. Our voter program is focused on expanding the electorate and bringing new voices into the debate. We regularly run the largest Spanish-speaking get-out-the-vote program in the state.

Candidate Education

When candidates run for office, they hear from lobbyists and special interests, but they often don't hear from the rest of us. We make sure that candidates understand the issues that matter to our communities and develop relationships with people who have faced injustice. Then we can hold them accountable when the get into office.

Movement Politics Academy

We're working to train the next generation of political leaders that reflect our communities. We're developing candidates for office and campaign managers who know how to run grassroots campaigns and are committed to working together.

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Michigan United

We are a coalition of labor, business, social service and civil rights members all across Michigan, fighting for the rights of homeowners, renters, immigrant families and students.

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