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Advocates Condemn President Trump’s Fear-Filled Speech, Reject Wall

Focus on the real crisis: families in need of asylum

Immigrants seeking justice and their supporters spoke out this evening in response to President Trump’s false statements and blatant fear mongering used as an excuse to build an unnecessary wall.

Michigan United demanded the President and Congress immediately address the real humanitarian crisis at the border brought on by President Trump’s refusal to process asylum seekers.

“Tonight, the President failed to note or apologize for tear gassing families running from danger, separating children from parents or for children dying in U.S. custody. These morally reprehensible outrages run counter to everything this country stands for and must be replaced with policies that recognize basic human dignity and rights,” said Michigan United Border Civil Rights Organizer David Sanchez.

“Trump chose to ignore the humanitarian crisis at the border, a crisis largely of his own making. Instead, he proposes to go around the Congressional budget authority and raid coffers to pay for a wall voters don’t want and that could create more problems than it could ever solve. Congress is a co-equal branch of government and there has never been a better time for those elected officials to reign in the President, and prevent him from damaging families and the nation’s integrity.”

Immigrants and advocates have called out the President’s blatant falsehoods as fear-mongering that further endangers families he's already harmed. The call is for Congress to return the nation to moral high ground.

“The dangers faced by families fleeing violence can’t be fixed with a wall or with thousands of troops facing off against unarmed parents and children,” said Michigan United Executive Ryan Bates. “Fear is President Trump’s main platform. That’s what’s driving the anti-immigrant racism and xenophobia that keeps families from seeking asylum and safety. Real security means keeping TSA workers on the job and an orderly humane process for people fleeing for their very lives. Congress needs to deliver that message to the President.”

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