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Advocates Demand, Safe, Sane, Humane Immigration to End Shut Down

Asylum seekers and U.S. residents endangered by Trump’s government shutdown

Legal experts and academics joined immigrant families in a call to end President Trump’s government shut down, and to demanded human rights for all immigrants and asylum seekers. Immigration advocates spoke at a Michigan United press conference Tuesday morning demanding safety for asylum seekers and U.S. residents endangered by Trump’s disastrous policies.

“The shutdown has endangered women across the nation because the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has been allowed to expire,” said Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network Reproductive and Economic Justice Organizer Nicole Breadon. “Survivors of domestic abuse and other violence throughout U.S. depend on VAWA’s the network of resources and shelters to escape to safety and remain safe. So Trump is risking families on both sides of the border, asylum seekers and survivors of violence and their children. It’s time provide humane protection for both.”

In their call for humane immigration reform, advocates called on Congress to counter Trump’s risky behavior.

“We have families escaping with their lives and little else. They have traveled thousands of miles from Central America to save themselves and legally seek asylum and the Trump administration has teargassed them, snatched children from parents and refused them much needed refuge,” said Migladys Bermudez, an immigration attorney with Justice for Our Neighbors. “Trumps government shut down holds thousands of public workers and those they serve hostage for a racist barrier that won’t solve any problems and Trump has proposed taking money from disaster relief at a time record wildfires and storms. Congress has to step up, check the President’s tantrum and make sure everyone is safe.”


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