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Building Power for Change: An Intro to Movement Politics

Two people in front of an apartment building

At Movement Politics, we believe organizing cannot be done alone. Joining forces, building community, and creating change is crucial. As part of our base-building efforts, we have taken up the challenge to double our base and bring the organizing revival right to people's doorsteps.

Movement Politics' Current Campaigns

Movement Politics is actively involved in various campaigns to tackle systemic issues and empower the people of Michigan. Some of our ongoing initiatives include:

  1. DTE Accountability: Our DTE campaign holds corporate monopolists accountable. We advocate for better compensation when power outages occur and a commitment to reliability from DTE. We aim to create a fairer, more reliable energy system by fighting for consumer rights.

  2. Electoral Mobilization: Through electoral campaigns in Kentwood, Flint, and Saginaw, we strive to drive turnout and put critical issues at the forefront of elections. Our ultimate goal is to elect politicians aligned with the Movement's values and vision, ensuring their commitment to the betterment of the community.

  3. Driver's Licenses for All: We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their immigration status, should have access to driver's licenses. Our campaign promotes road safety by ensuring all drivers are licensed and insured. We also advocate for immigrants' rights to move freely within our state without fearing deportation for minor infractions.

  4. Daylong Trainings for Leaders: Our daylong training programs empower community members and equip them with the necessary tools to embrace their power. Participants can chart a course toward positively impacting the world by developing a deep understanding of their self-interest and motivation for change.

A puppy receiving a pamphlet!

Building Power Together

Building a movement requires outreach and engagement with the community. That's why our team is out in the field, knocking on doors and having meaningful conversations with residents across Michigan. Through these interactions, we aim to create a sense of connection and solidarity, enabling us to address the challenges we face collectively.

Looking to the Future

While actively engaged in our current campaigns, we also work towards broader objectives. We envision future campaigns focusing on campaign finance reform, gun violence prevention, electoral reform such as ranked-choice voting, and amplifying the voice of Michigan voters in the political arena.

How You Can Join Us

We encourage you to get involved and be part of the Movement for change. Whether connecting with one of our organizers, participating in a 1:1 meeting, joining a local endorsement committee, or advocating for our initiatives with your representatives, every contribution counts. We need volunteer recruiters to help us expand our base and phone bankers for our upcoming Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts for the November election.

The Michigan primary occurred on August 8th, and absentee ballots for the general election go out at the end of September. Stay tuned for phone banks, canvassing, and other opportunities to get involved on Mobilize - we would love to have you join us in creating change.

Let's build power, community, and a better future for all. Join Movement Politics today!

Contact Information:

  • Organizers: Evan and Holly

  • Connect with an Organizer in your area for a 1:1 meeting and to start building power.

  • Volunteer Recruiters: Call through lists and schedule people interested in volunteering for events

  • Phone Bankers: Join the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) phone banks and canvasses for the upcoming election

Keep an eye out for our upcoming initiatives and mobilize with us to create the change we seek.

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