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Capitol Week: 20/20 People's Vision

Everything you'll need to know for a powerful Capitol Week

Click the links below to look in on legislative visits and our Capitol Week programs

Monday, June 15th

Legislative Meetings

The agenda

7:00 PM - Lift every voice and sing

7:05 PM - Welcome

7:08 PM - Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison

7:10 PM - Maximizing the Movement

7:15 PM - Michigan United Campaign highlights

7:21 PM - Testimonial - Vicki Dobbins

7:29 PM - Importance of Capitol Week

7:32 PM - Campaign/Issue Asks/ Education

7:49 PM - Agenda for the week

7:53 PM - Becoming a Member

7:55 PM - Closing message

Tuesday, June 16th

Legislative Meetings

Wednesday, June 17th

Legislative Meetings

Thursday, June 18th

Legislative Meetings

Direct Action

7:00 PM Capitol Week Debrief

Friday, June 19th

Legislative Meetings

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