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Capitol Week 2020 Direct Action

Days before the Juneteenth holiday, we held a funeral for SR27, a bill in the Michigan Senate that would have declared racism a public health crisis. Sadly, the bill was killed in its infancy with a cowardly referral to the Government Operations Committee.

After weeks of demonstrations in support of Black Lives across the state, the Republican controlled Michigan Legislature is once again sitting on their hands idly while Black Michiganders continue to be marginalized through decades of systemic racism.

We grieve the progress and sentiment expressed in this resolution.

Racism has been felt throughout the nation for centuries. Its impacts can be felt in every institution in our society from infant mortality to long term care for our seniors. It's time we confronted this plague and declare it a public health crisis as has already been done in other states and several counties in Michigan. But for some reason, key elected officials are standing in the way of even discussing this important subject. Take action now to get things moving!

CLICK HERE to send an email to Senate Majority leader Mike Shirkey and Jackson county commissioners David Elwell & Steve Shotwell and tell them to advance proposals to declare racism a public health crisis so we can finally confront the problems that shorten Black lives.

Follow up with a phone call to tell them to get on the right side of history.

Michigan Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey (517) 373-5932

Jackson county commissioner David Elwell (517) 780-4907

Jackson county commission chairman Steve Shotwell (517) 937-2688

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