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Coalition of Community Groups Against Toxic Plant

Flint, Michigan - A coalition of Genesee Township and Flint community groups will hold a press conference Wednesday, August 11th, 11 am at St. Francis Prayer Center, located on 2381 E. Carpenter Rd. Flint, MI 48505. The groups are strongly opposed to the construction of the proposed Ajax Materials Corporation asphalt plant, which is planned to be located at 5088 Energy Drive, engulfing the area surrounding the St. Francis Prayer Center.

“We will be overwhelmed with foul smelling air and pollution. St. Francis supports the mind,

body, and spirit of people who come here to find peace and assistance. If this plant is approved our mission will likely be compromised,” says Deb Hawley, Director of St. Francis.

“This is another case of environmental racism. The state environmental regulatory agency failed us when they approved the Genesee Power Station incinerator. EGLE needs to do their job and protect our community.” says Nayyirah Shariff, Director of Flint Rising.

The proposed plant will be near other polluting industries, contributing to existing air quality

issues in the surrounding community. If approved, the asphalt plant will impact thousands of

people in Genesee County.

“We are very concerned for the well-being and the health of our residents who live at River Park and the long-term impacts this plant would have on their families”, says Allie Herkenroder, Resident Services Coordinator at the Flint Housing Commission.

The Flint Housing Commission manages River Park Townhouses, which is less than a mile

away from the proposed asphalt plant.

“We all deserve good health, fresh air, and safe parks for our kids. We’re already hearing

residents talk about how many people in the area suffer from asthma and other illnesses.

AJAX’s plant threatens our quality of life for years to come in Genesee Township and Flint,”

says Mona Munroe-Younis, Executive Director of the Environmental Transformation

Movement of Flint.

The grassroots coalition includes St. Francis Prayer Center, Flint Rising, C.A.U.T.I.O.N,

Michigan United, and Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint.

The coalition will also host a 5 pm rally before the EGLE public comment session from 6-8 pm at Genesee Twp. Hall, 4277 N. Genesee Road.


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