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Congress must act to stop Trump’s attack on the democratic process

Public to show support for USPS in national day of action Saturday

In appointing Louis DeJoy, a former chairman of his campaign, to become the new Postmaster General and blocking funding for the US Postal Service (USPS), President Donald Trump is attempting to undermine the November general election. As Trump makes unsubstantiated claims of mail-in voter fraud, DeJoy has fired top USPS executives who were running day to day operations, removed hundreds of high speed sorting machines and uprooted or locked down countless public mail drop boxes. Nothing is more integral to fighting for Justice and Dignity than the democratic process. There is little we can do if our voices aren’t heard. Right now, our right to vote is under direct attack.

Amid a global pandemic that makes in-person voting dangerous, restricting absentee voting silences our voices. Ironically, the $25 billion in funding for the USPS that Trump opposes was suggested by a non-partisan and Trump-appointed, Board of Governors. Funding the USPS isn't just about our fundamental right to vote. Millions of people, including many vulnerable citizens, depend on the USPS to deliver their social security checks and medicine. Also, small businesses and the millions of workers employed by them depend on the USPS to ship their products around the world. The slow down hurts all of us.

We at Michigan United believe nothing is more integral to fighting for justice and dignity than the democratic process. There is little we can do if our voices aren’t heard. The solutions to these attacks on our right to vote involve the oversight of our elected officials driven by the direct action of their constituents. We applaud Senator Gary Peters’ investigation into the USPS slowdown. We urge everyone to contact their members of congress and tell them to support the Delivering for America Act and fully fund the USPS to restore mail service so that Michiganders can again get their mail quickly and have a fair election.

People can show their support for this by taking part in a national day of action on Saturday, August 22nd. There will be demonstrations outside post offices across the country. They can visit to find the nearest event.

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