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Empowering Immigrants in Michigan

Two people wearing shirts that say Michigan Unido at a festival

Michigan United's Legal Services team is dedicated to enhancing the lives of immigrants living in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek. Offering legal services is a pathway to creating more inclusive and supportive communities. Our team is excited to announce several new initiatives, programs and events.

DOJ Accreditation

Our Legal Services team is working hard to achieve Department of Justice Accreditation for two additional members, bolstering our capacity to provide high-quality immigration services. The DOJ Accreditation will lead to faster processing times, improved accuracy, and enhanced support for immigrant communities throughout the application process.

Citizenship Classes

We are committed to helping individuals realize their dreams of citizenship. Through our free Citizenship Classes, adult immigrants can prepare to pass the naturalization exam, granting them access to valuable rights and protections that United States citizens enjoy. Our classes open doors and enhance the lives of countless eligible immigrants.

ESL Classes

We know that language is central to fostering inclusion and empowerment. Our free ESL classes empower adult immigrants by improving their English language skills, facilitating effective communication, and promoting a more profound sense of belonging in their new community.

Community Navigator Program

We aim to establish a strong network of community members trained in immigration legal services. These navigators will be instrumental in supporting immigrants through Know Your Rights Presentations, citizenship workshops, assisting with immigration applications, and connecting immigrants with essential resources.

Streamlining Legal Services Protocols

Our Legal Services team is dedicated to refining and enhancing our Legal Services protocols to ensure an effective experience for all our clients. We are driven to create efficient, reliable, and successful outcomes for immigrants that require legal services.

If you believe in empowering immigrant communities and supporting inclusive communities, then here are some ways you can support our efforts:

  • Spread the Word: Share information about our free Citizenship Classes, ESL Classes, and Community Navigator Program through social media, flyers, email, or in-person gatherings.

  • Refer Potential Students: Encourage individuals eligible for citizenship or those who could benefit from improving their English language skills to consider enrolling in our programs.

  • Refer Community Navigators: Connect individuals passionate about supporting immigrants to our Community Navigator Program.

  • Donate: Financial support is crucial in sustaining and expanding our initiatives.

  • Collaborate: Work with our Legal Services team to create more impactful initiatives and events, driven to amplify our impact and create more inclusive environments.

  • Advocate for Immigrant Rights: We encourage awareness and advocacy for inclusive policies that support immigrant communities, fostering a welcoming and respectful environment for all.

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming events, including:

  • Week of August 28, 2023 – Citizenship classes start in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek

  • Week of August 28, 2023 – ESL classes start in Southgate and Battle Creek

  • Wednesday, September 27, 2023 – Community Navigator Program Starts

By supporting each other and taking actionable steps, we can all empower immigrant communities and create more inclusive environments.

Let's elevate opportunities and provide all immigrants with essential services, education, and support.


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