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Flint residents mourn the death of clean air in online vigil

Gov. Whitmer still weighing permit for asphalt plant near their community

The Stop, the Ajax Asphalt Plant Coalition, held an online vigil Friday night to show their opposition to the construction of a hot mix plant in their community. Participants were invited to light a candle in unity as they mourned the death of clean air should Gov. Gretchen Whitmer approve the project. The permit has already been delayed five times since July due to such opposition.

"We gather to mourn the loss of clean air in this community, clean air for this generation and future generations if this permit goes in," said Bishop Bernadel Jefferson, the director of C.A.U.T.I.O.N.. He lives and has family in the community that would be affected.

"The Governor made promises to the city of Flint, promises to protect us from environmental injustices, to make us whole. By choosing to not deny this air permit, the Governor is denying this community the human right to clean air," said Anthony Paciorek, an environmental justice organizer with Michigan United.

"We are mourning the loss of public trust, something our city has struggled to build back up since the ongoing lead crisis. Once again, "The citizens of Flint are promised help from the same Government that refuses to help them and is complacent in hurting them. Today we mourn the loss of Public trust, a cornerstone of good governance," said Lashaya Darisaw, a community organizer and coalition member.

The Coalition to Stop Ajax Asphalt Plant includes the St. Francis Prayer Center, C.A.U.T.I.O.N, Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint, Flint Rising, Greater Holy Temple Church, Michigan United, and the R. L. Jones Community Outreach Center Campus.


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