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Immigrant Advocates to Michigan Senators: Vote No on Budget Measures Unless They Include DREAM Act

Protecting immigrant families a moral imperative in national priorities

On a telephonic press briefing today, Michigan immigrant rights advocates called on their U.S Senators not to come home without protections for immigrant youth. Advocates called on Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters to vote no on any budget measure that does not include the DREAM Act. The continuing resolution, and the budget, will require Democratic votes to pass, and advocates believe that our Senators should demand the DREAM Act in return.

“I was so proud when our community won DACA. My office has helped dozens of young people apply – I could see their horizons open up, and their fears slip away, all with just a simple piece of paper,” said Rep. Stephanie Chang. “ We should not accept a budget or a continuing resolution that does not reflect our values. We are urging our allies to vote no until the budget measures up.”

“The Trump Administration’s revocation of DACA has thrown the lives of younger immigrants into chaos,” said West Michigan Coalition for Immigration Reform President Richard Kessler. “Every day, 122 immigrants lose this protected status and find they are no longer allowed to work, pursue their education or serve in the military. We need our allies to have courage now, and vote no on any budget or continuing resolution without relief for immigrant youth.”

The briefing was conducted by:

Rev. Paul Perez, Detroit Conference of the United Methodist Church Freddy Polanco, Political Director, SEIU Michigan State Representative Stephanie Chang Juan Gonzalez, Detroit resident & DACA recipient Oscar Castaneda, ACTION Lansing Richard Kessler, West Michigan Coalition for Immigration Reform

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