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Immigrants Rights Organizers Prepare to Respond to New Wave of Raids

Trump terrorizing innocent families to score political points

ICE agents are poised to raid the homes of immigrant families starting Sunday. President Trump threatened to deport the undocumented at an implausible rate but suspended the operation while congress debated funding to remedy his mistreatment of people seeking asylum. Now that DHS funding has been approved, his plan for aggressive enforcement in selected metropolitan areas has been restarted.

Immigrants rights organizers at Michigan United are getting prepared for this. Community members can get involved or seek assistance in a number of ways:

  • Immigrants can learn their rights during an immigration raid on our Facebook page through videos and inforgraphics. 

  • Community members are invited to attend the ‘Lights for Liberty’ rally against deportations and family separations at 6PM Friday, July 12 outside the ICE office at 333 Mt. Elliot in Detroit. Demand that immigrant families are protected and kept whole. 

  • The Community Navigator Immigrants Rights Hotline will be available throughout the weekend to receive emergency calls and provide legal assistance. Call 877-507-7774 Ext. 725# for assistance.

  • Donate to Michigan United’s legal service and advocacy programs at

We at Michigan United believe that Trump is doing nothing to bring order and humanity to the system. He is intentionally making things worse in order to get re-elected on the backs of the kids and immigrants he’s throwing into cages and camps. We can not allow him to further divide the country by turning us against each other but instead stand together to protect each other and our shared values.


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