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It’s time for Congress to complete the Build Back Better agenda

Brick & mortar infrastructure alone won’t deliver national recovery

Over the weekend, Congress passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that will fund roads, bridges and other much needed physical infrastructure in communities around the country. However, in so doing, a reconciliation package that many had hoped would have passed first still awaits an up or down vote.

The Build Back Better Act now has an estimated $1.75 trillion bottom-line cost which would be paid for with nearly $2 trillion in taxes on the wealthy and the closure of corporate tax loopholes.

“While we applaud members of Michigan’s delegation that helped pass the infrastructure package, there is more work to be done,” said Ken Whittaker, Executive Director of Michigan United. “We urge Congress to hold the line on the full Build Back Better agenda. We must rise to meet our needs in climate, healthcare, education and immigration.”

The Build Back Better Act also invests approximately $900 billion in healthcare and education with provisions such as universal pre-k, home care services, child tax credit, reduced pharmaceutical drug prices and paid leave. The Build Back Better Act would also include about $100 billion to make the immigration process more efficient and expand access to green cards for essential workers, TPS holders, farmworkers and DACA recipients.

“These provisions are broadly supported by Michiganders,” said Whittaker. Indeed, recent polling suggests that voters support the agenda by a 29-point margin. “The people have made it clear that the time is now for this historic and transformative investment in our communities.”


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