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Michigan United celebrates the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Last week President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act. The IRA includes investments in clean energy, environmental justice, and healthcare. It cuts costs for medical care and drug prescriptions. The IRA Act is the first step to protecting our core constituencies.

Here's what it does:

  • Provides at least $45 billion to resolve environmental issues in disadvantaged communities.

  • The Act lowers Affordable Care Act healthcare premiums for three years.

  • Medicare recipients' insulin is capped at $35/month!

  • Corporations receive clean energy tax credits.

  • Corporations have a minimum of 15% tax rate.

To pass the Act, we sacrificed protecting our shores from drilling and our government investing in green energy on our public lands for decades. The bill doesn't address inflation effects due to corporations' purposely manipulating the market. The bill also leaves out Medicaid expansion for millions of poor Americans and the successful childcare credit that lifted millions of children out of poverty. While we may not have gotten everything our communities need, the IRA is a start.

Every Michigander deserves access to clean air and water, healthcare, and a country where the wealthy pay their fair share. Our organization pledges to continue the fight. While we celebrate this victory, we insist our nation do more to revive the childcare credit, expand Medicaid, make corporations pay their fair share, and protect our shores from pollution because of oil production.

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