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Michigan United celebrates today's Michigan Supreme Court decision!

Michigan United celebrates the Michigan Supreme Court's decision to place Reproductive Freedom For All and Promote the Vote on the ballot. Their ruling protects and amplifies the powerful voices of the majority of Michiganders who want to make reproductive freedom and the right to vote constitutional rights in Michigan.

Medical decisions must be left between a person and their doctor. Reproductive Freedom For All guarantees and enshrines in our state constitution everyone’s right to reproductive freedom and access to all of our treatment options. Over 700,000 people in Michigan agreed and signed to put Reproductive Freedom For All on the ballot.

Voting rights must be protected. The Promote the Vote ballot measure makes it easier and more secure for military families, working people, disabled and rural Michiganders to vote. Over 664,000 Michiganders signed the Promote the Vote petition to make voting rights a constitutional right in Michigan.

Today's victories are just the beginning. Challenging times lie ahead. We are fighting for our democratic system and protecting reproductive rights. That means everyone must register to vote, have a voting plan and join the fight.

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