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Michigan United Endorses Propositions 2 and 3 on November Ballot

Both initiatives are bold steps to restore democracy

The Board of Michigan United voted this week to endorse Proposition 2 and 3, which will appear on the ballot when voters head to the polls November 6. Proposition 2 calls for a non-partisan commission to redraw legislative districts in the state and Proposition 3 would expand voting rights, making them harder to restrict by enshrining them in the state constitution.

We at Michigan United believe that both of these proposals are critical to restoring and protecting our democracy. For far too long, politicians have gerrymandered our districts to create an unfair, partisan advantage by disenfranchising millions of voters. Proposal 2 will finally address this by allowing voters to choose their representatives rather than politicians choosing their voters.

Likewise, Michigan has taken steps to make voting harder in recent years while many other states throughout the country have advanced voter access. Proposal 3 will make voting easier, which is most important to seniors, the poor and people of color whose voices desperately need to be heard.

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