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Michigan United plans major presidential forum in Detroit

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A local grassroots effort announced plans for a major presidential forum scheduled to take place Oct. 20 in Detroit.

Michigan United said The People's Presidential Forum on Economic and Racial Justice will call on 2020 presidential hopefuls to answer tough questions they said often go unaddressed during political races.

“Too often candidates come for our votes, but do not address the real issues that cause poverty and structural racism in our state,” the organization said in a news release.

Members of Michigan United said healthcare, racial injustice, immigration, and economic injustice top their list of concerns. They expect up to 4,000 attendants at the forum and some will share their stories and questions with candidates.

“I would ask the candidates, ‘Will you support the DREAM Act? Are you ready to pass this bill that's been on hold for 20 years? And are you willing to help the other immigrant communities that haven't had the same privileges that DACA recipients have had?'” Dany Caracheo, a DACA recipient and student at Davenport University, said.

According to members of United Michigan, the 2020 election will be a critical time for the state, and they are looking for local communities to have a seat at the table.

The forum will be held at Cobo Hall at 5 p.m. on Oct. 20. Admission to the event is free, but tickets will be required. You can register by visiting the United Michigan website.

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