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MU Demands State Legislature Take Immediate Action to Stop Gun Violence Following MSU Shooting

In response to the mass shooting at Michigan State University, Michigan United issued the following statement:

“We are filled with tears and rage today — tears for the lives taken and families impacted, and rage as a result of legislative inaction and, in some cases, obstruction by politicians who refuse to support common-sense legislation to stop gun violence.

“Everyone knows the U.S. has a major problem. Yesterday marked the 67th mass shooting of 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive, and there were 648 last year. How many more tragedies must our communities endure before legislators take action?

“We urge lawmakers in Lansing to immediately take up important bills to address safe storage, universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and restrictions on the ability of domestic abusers to own firearms. But we can’t stop there. Jails and shelters can’t continue to be our largest mental health providers. Such services must be expanded and made easily accessible to everyone.”


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