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Residents, activists gather at treatment plant of 5th anniversary of Flint Water Crisis

FLINT, Mich. -- April 25, 2014 is a date that Flint residents will never forget.

It’s the day that officials flipped the switch and changed the source of Flint’s drinking water.

That date marked the beginning of the Flint water crisis, as lead-contaminated water began flowing into homes and poisoning resident.

Five years later, officials are still working to fix the Flint water crisis.

Flint residents and activists alike rallied in front of the Flint water plant.

The group that gathered there voiced their concerns, frustrations and demands centered around Flint water.

They’ll also be taking their message to Lansing on Thursday too.

Watch Michigan United Flint Community Organizer Monica Villareal give a keynote presentation at the 34 minute mark:

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