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Westland residents, city officials celebrate election workers for a job well done

Westland residents, city officials celebrate election workers for a job well done

Count Every Vote rallies look to other states to make sure the voice of people is heard

Residents and city officials gathered in the parking lot of Westland City hall Thursday to show their support for election workers who did the important work of counting votes to make our democracy work. This year, the traditional Election Day has turned into Election Week with record numbers of absentee ballots being submitted. Participants want to make sure every vote is counted and the voice of the people is heard.

“Today we celebrate the true meaning of democracy,” said Westland Councilwoman Tasha Green. “The hard work of voting during a global pandemic is done. We must not let the public’s faith in a fair election process be diminished by supporting a premature political response. Let’s come together, let’s be diligent, and let’s ensure that every vote is counted!”

"Voices have the ability to shape the people who shape the world, said Pastor Kellen Brooks of the Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ. “Today we celebrate those who have raised their voices through their votes for a better city, state, country, and world!"

Wednesday evening, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced all of Michigan's votes had been tabulated despite efforts to obstruct the process.

"We've voted, but we can stop there! We must continue on to hold our legislators accountable and partner to do this great work,” said Trische' Duckworth, Survivors Speak Executive Director/Founder Voting was never enough!! The narrative is changing and we believe change is on the horizon."

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