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What We Do

Michigan Unido

What We  Do 

Michigan United is working for a more just world where everyone has a fair shot at a dignified life.
We're using many different methods to get there:

Detroit Get Out The Vote



Michigan United members are leading bold campaigns to change our government's laws and policies.

Ultimately, organizing and advocacy are about results. We are dedicated to winning concrete victories that get to the root causes of poverty and inequality. Together, we need to deliver wins that change our members' lives and communities for the better.

We're working to make sure that the communities who have been excluded from political power have a voice. That's why our campaigns are shaped and led by those who are directly impacted by our issues.

We have had enormous success at the local, state and federal level. Click the button below for a description of many of our victories.

Michigan United Blue Logo

Leadership Development

We are passionate about developing the ability of our members and community to lead. Our leadership development program helps regular people who want to make change develop their capacity to take action, inspire others and win.

Our program provides several specific skills for civic engagement, including how to develop organizing campaigns, how to be a public leader and how our government works.

We also have a specific training program for future candidates for office and campaign managers.


The Movement Politics Academy focuses on encouraging those who have traditionally been locked out of public office, such as women, people of color and working-class people, to get involved.


& Education

Michigan United is primarily concerned with changing policies and laws.


However, we're not going to win everything we want tomorrow.


In the meantime, our members need assistance with urgent issues that are important now.

That's why we provide immigration legal services, grassroots education and know-your-rights programs, English classes and citizenship classes.

 Together,  we can make change.

Immigration Reform

Justice Reform

Environmental Justice


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